Poker Coaching Gift Card

$ 100.00

Treat your favorite poker player to coaching with Andrew Brokos!

Andrew's coaching helps players understand their game in new ways and provides specific, actionable guidance to help them improve their game.

Andrew is comfortable working with players from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. He offers coaching tracks for cash games and tournaments. Anyone who is interested in receiving expert feedback on their no limit hold em play can benefit!

Two styles of coaching are available: 

Real-time One-on-One Coaching
Hop on a screen-sharing call with Andrew as he walks you through his cash or tournament training program, diagnosing your key opportunity areas and walking you through new ways to approach key concepts and apply them to your game.

Custom Hand History Review Videos
This option is great for those with busy schedules or prefer reviewing the material on their own rather than having an interactive lesson. The student provides a hand history, and Andrew narrates the replay, walking through important hands and noting patterns and key opportunity areas. Often key concepts are discussed, but they are not interrogated as deeply as with one-on-one coaching which is more structured to focus on specific topics. 

For a truly special gift, raffle prize, or work incentive, consider the $1,000 level which currently covers the Dominate Donkaments Tournament Program or the Crush Cash Games Program in their entirety. These programs follow a structured curriculum to  help students make the most of their one-on-one coaching time. Supplementary learning materials including poker training videos are provided following each session.

- Details - 
Coaching gift cards can be put towards either program. Gift cards can be used as-good-as-cash for any coaching program, and will be redeemable based on current coaching rates when redeemed. Current (December 2020) rates are $100/hr of custom hand history review videos, and $200/hr for Real-time One on One Coaching, with a standard One-on-One session lasting 1.5 hours. So suggested gift card amounts are $300 to cover one One-on-One Session, or $200 to cover 2 hours of Custom Hand History Review Videos.

If you're looking for a smaller gift, consider a Gift Card for the Thinking Poker Store where items start at under $10.

One-on-one coaching session with Andrew Brokos is conducted over Skype or similar platform at a mutually agreed upon time, usually between 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time, but if scheduling is not possible player can request to change to a hand history review or request a refund. Hand History Review requires that the player submit a history history before Andrew can create the video. Once the hands are submitted videos are generally available within 10 days, but turnaround is not guaranteed. Please let Andrew know at the time of the request if you have an urgent need and he will either accommodate that or provide a refund if requested prior to making the video. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to purchasing, thanks.