About Us

Andrew Brokos is a professional poker player, writer, and coach. In his ten years in the business, he has authored a popular poker blog at ThinkingPoker.net; written for Card Player, Two Plus Two Magazine, and PokerNews; and created instructional videos for Poker Savvy Plus and Tournament Poker Edge. Highlights of his career include victory in a $2000 two-day FTOPS event and five in-the-money finishes in the World Series of Poker Main Event, including three finishes in the top one hundred.

Andrew is also an experienced educator, having worked with dozens of teachers and thousands of students from the Chicago and Boston Public Schools. This background in education makes him an especially effective poker coach capable of explaining complex concepts to players from a wide variety of skill levels.

Nate Meyvis has been playing poker for eleven years. He is a veteran of nine World Series of Poker with five cashes in no-limit hold 'em events, including a top one hundred finish in the Main Event. He has published articles in PokerNews and Two Plus Two Magazine.

Nate, like Andrew, has an extensive background in education. As a graduate student in philosophy, he taught students at Cornell and Columbia for a total of eight semesters, and he was a calculus and linear algebra tutor as an undergrad at Yale. He currently works on a R&D team at a genomics startup, where his responsibilities include engineering and training.

Together they host the Thinking Poker Podcast, a widely acclaimed blend of poker strategy and entertainment. Thousands of listeners tune in each week to hear us talk strategy and interview a wide array of guests, from well-known players like Vanessa Selbst and Mike McDonald to WSOP dealers and aspiring grinders with interesting perspectives and stories to tell.