Custom Database or Hand History Review Video

$ 125.00

Imagine one of poker’s most popular video producers making videos targeted for your exact needs and the games that you play! 

For half the price of one-on-one coaching, you’ll receive a video analyzing a cash session, a tournament hand history, or a database you provide. I’ll help you identify leaks, find spots you didn’t even know you were missing, and study the right materials for wherever you are in your poker development.

Find Leaks
Fix the mistakes you didn’t even know you were making! Using custom reports, filters, and other Poker Tracker 4 tools, I’ll show you where you’re losing money and where you could be winning more. Then I’ll drill down on individual hand examples to demonstrate how to play these situations better in the future.

Master Game Flow
Reviewing an entire cash session or tournament will enable me to give you feedback not just on how you play individual hands but on how you manage your image and respond to your opponents.

Individualized Attention
If you like my videos on Tournament Poker Edge, you’ll love my custom video review. It’s my usual high-level analysis, tailored to your specific needs, the games you play, and the situations and opponents you encounter.

Free! Independent Study
Along with each video, you’ll receive detailed recommendations about what to study and how to practice your new skills.


$125/hour – 50% off real-time coaching

Sign-up Process

Just email your hand history or database to, and I'll write you at the email address you provide when your video is ready. A rough guess for a hand history review is that I'll cover 150-200 hands in an hour, but that depends on how much there is to discuss, how many are trivial preflop folds, etc.

More questions? Complete this interest form, and I’ll be in touch to answer any additional questions you have.

With this coaching option there is no need to schedule sessions! You’ll send along your hands, and then I send you a one-of-a-kind video analyzing your play hand by hand. It’s a great way to try out my style of coaching at a bargain price.

Check out the full-length demo video below!