Play Optimal Poker 2 by Andrew Brokos - e-book

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Theory You Can Understand. Strategy You Can Use.

In this follow-up to his best-selling Play Optimal Poker, renowned poker pro and coach Andrew Brokos demonstrates how to construct the right ranges for any situation.

By investigating real no-limit hold ‘em scenarios, you'll learn to select hands that perform well individually but also complement one another, amplifying each other’s strengths and compensating for each other’s weaknesses. In the process, you’ll explore powerful concepts like:

  • Bet sizing
  • Equity denial
  • Equity realization
  • Balance
  • Leverage
  • Board coverage
  • Exploitative play

Whether you play tournaments or cash games, high stakes or low, online or live, you’ll gain fresh insights into the game you love. Real world examples demonstrate how to make the best decision every time, so you can reel in the biggest fish and hold your own when swimming with the sharks.

Play with confidence. Play with precision. Play optimal poker.

"The book is excellent and addresses the very things with which I struggle, such as whether to bet for protection or pot control with marginal (vulnerable) hands on certain flops, or whether to barrel off with missed draws on the river or give up."

-An early reader

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